DMS Target Optimization Process System (TOPS)™

Spoiler alert: there’s a good chance you are throwing money away with your current digital or direct response marketing programs. If you’re still using a broad-based, “spray and pray” model or general targeting for your acquisition or lead generation campaigns, or using a retention strategy not centered on the customer lifecycle and customer feedback, we’ve got bad news for you—you are drifting aimlessly in the marketing abyss. The good news—we can help you get on the path to an efficient, effective marketing strategy.

Core to DMS’ philosophy, and the driving force behind everything we do, is our Target Optimization Process System, or (TOPS)™. This approach employs a data-driven, “know before you go” model utilizing best-practice driven discovery, research, testing and analysis as the basis for strategic planning and execution. No matter what your problem is, TOPS™ delivers a strategic, RELEVANT approach to meet the challenge. This relevant approach creates engagement, and engagement creates RESULTS.

Relevance is key, and it’s been our calling card since long before the rest of the industry caught on.

So ditch your general, broad-based money-wasting approach and call us today to put our proven methodologies and Marketing Engines to work for you. VROOM VROOM.