Customer Lifecycle Experience System™

The DMS Customer Lifecycle Experience System™ is our proprietary approach to the entire customer experience. It is an all-encompassing strategy that creates engagement at every phase of the customer lifecycle—from acquisition to regained customer—by utilizing a true understanding of customer behavior to create interactions that are relevant, meaningful and actionable.

We do this through a series of strategically developed proactive and reactive processes that deliver the right message to the right audience (prospects and customers) at the right time. We then provide—through a consultative process—a blueprint of how to integrate these solutions across all customer-facing departments including sales, customer service, marketing, operations, IS and finance.

The Customer Lifecycle Experience System™ not only deepens the brand relationship between our clients and their prospects and customers, it provides a multi-channel approach for building trust leading to higher profitability and lifetime value. We interact with prospects and customers through the targeted media that they respond to the most.

Each engagement includes a cross-channel strategic planning process, implementation and execution of new campaigns, and a comprehensive reporting and analytics platform.

This system has delivered incredible ROI, continuous improvement and ongoing acquisition/lead generation and retention success for our clients. One recently called it a “game-changer.” These results show why.