Customer Lifecycle Retention System™

Retention is more than loyalty, more than customer satisfaction—it’s a strategy. It’s knowing how and when to engage your customers, both online and offline.

If your business doesn’t have a proven retention strategy in place, chances are, you are losing customers like a leaky faucet loses water, drop-by-drop, right down the drain.


You need to stem the flow. But how? It starts with a true understanding of customer behavior and what it takes to have a meaningful two-way dialogue that creates engagement and relevant interactions and stickiness. It starts with the DMS Customer Lifecycle Retention System™.

Our proven system includes the strategic development, implementation and management of variable, systematic triggers based on the Customer Lifecycle. This means each touchpoint is individualized to the record level, addressing every critical stage of each customer’s experience, to ensure the right customer gets the right message—at precisely the right time.

The core triggers in the system incorporate a series of touchpoints within each of the following five Customer Retention Lifecycle Stages:

  • New Customer (including targeted on-boarding sequence)
  • Retained/Repeat Customer
  • Customer in Attrition
  • Defected Customer
  • Regained Customer

For each touchpoint within the above lifecycle stages, we have honed a series of proven best practices for timing, sequence, collision logic, messaging structure, migration paths, and other key drivers to ensure we are using the right tactic and media for each individual.

In addition, the Customer Lifecycle Retention System™ features the ability to add powerful Marketing Engines like our Closed-Loop Feedback System™ and LifePURL™ modules that can “bridge the gap” between your customers, your distributors/distribution channels and your organization, resulting in increased customer engagement and tenure, and additional churn reduction.

It’s a well known fact—acquiring customers is far more difficult and costly than taking the right steps to keep the ones you have. It’s time to create lasting customer relationships that decrease churn and translate into increased ROI and LTV. It’s time to put the proven power of the DMS Customer Lifecycle Retention System™ to work for you. Still not convinced? Click HERE for some recent results.