Digital & Interactive

The Challenge: Optimizing the effectiveness of individual online marketing channels such as SEM, SEO, Email, display and mobile and coordinating and seamlessly integrating these campaigns across multiple channels.

The Solution: DMS’ approach to Digital and Interactive Media. We apply our proven Test, Learn and Apply methodology for continual optimization. This means constantly testing new keywords, titles, descriptions, landing pages, and different bid pricing and positioning in our SEM tactics, and constantly reviewing results and looking for ways to improve position and traffic volume on the SEO front. The key is finding opportunities to improve both the page that the traffic is being driven to as well as conversion paths beyond the landing page.

The Bottom Line: Businesses are under increasing pressure to optimize the effectiveness of their online marketing initiatives, and an integrated marketing program can greatly increase a campaign’s effectiveness.

While success can be defined in many different ways, we know, ultimately, we’ll be judged by one thing and one thing only—the results. Whether it’s more leads, more sales or more conversions, our integrated approach to Digital and Interactive has delivered the results our clients demand, and we can do the same for you.