Your website is amazing (if not, just play along). You sank a ton of money into it and it shows—looks great, easy to navigate, interactive features, all the bells and whistles. But who’s it geared toward? Prospects? New customers? Existing customers? Martians? Even the best websites can’t be all things to all people. Sure, the content may be there…somewhere, but the average visitor isn’t going to spend more than a few minutes—at the most—searching for the content that’s relevant to them.

What you need is a dynamically-generated and automatically updated web portal for each customer, enabling you to provide the most relevant and personalized experience for each individual each time they visit. What you need is the DMS LifePURL™.

LifePURL™ is a personalized web address that becomes the customer’s individual portal for the entire customer communication stream—and subsequently, each customer’s unique relationship with you. Additionally, it drives offline-only relationships online, and asks customers how they would prefer to be communicated with. This helps us to continually deliver relevant information and content, thus “earning” the right to keep the conversation going. Want to see it in action? Click HERE.

What else can LifePURL™ do? So glad you asked…

  • Configure key content around each customer’s interests, current services, and “phase” in the relationship
  • Create a dynamic, ever-changing home page that always welcomes them with the answers they are interested in “right now”
  • Cull down the breadth of your main site, providing a “relevant navigation” with direct access to key points on your main website, as well as secondary pages that can include targeted video promos and tutorials
  • Provide a direct feed for relevant questions and feedback—driving directly into the DMS Closed-Loop Feedback System™ module
  • Give your customers the constant ability to tell us what they think, with answers that can be quantified and acted upon quickly
  • Provide an ongoing proving ground for multivariate testing

If your online marketing strategy consists of your website and a Facebook page, chances are you aren’t giving your customers a true online outlet with the relevant information they’re looking for. If you’re ready to take your online marketing to the next level and if a 20X lift in response is something you’re interested in, LifePURL™ is the answer.

DMS LifePURL™ System Demo
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