Database, Segmentation & Modeling

Chances are, the data sitting right under your nose is a gold mine, ripe for the picking. The challenge is extracting the big nuggets. With DMS you have a partner who knows exactly where to dig and what to look for. Whether analyzing to find the best new customers to go after, determining which customers bring you the best value, or predicting exactly where profitable revenue is coming from, DMS can help you strike it rich.

Combining expert prowess in data analytics, segmentation development, propensity modeling and a whole slew of other analytic, psychographic and firmagraphic tools, DMS will help determine the right strategy, to reach the right target with the right message at the right time to increase the likelihood that your prospects and customers will use the products or services you have, whether consumers or businesses.

Our approach means that “X” will mark the spot for you to enjoy increased ROI, IRR, sales, up-sells, cross-sells, retention and loyalty. And better yet, we will give you the map to find treasure after treasure including likelihood to respond or attrite, lifetime customer value, customer segments, and product affinity.

“Eureka!” will be your cry when you increase revenue, strengthen customer relationships and enjoy the clear cost benefit ratios—tied directly to the individual customer’s needs and wants through our data analytics, segmentation/profiling and modeling solutions.