Closed-Loop Feedback System™

What are your customers saying right now? How about…now? No clue? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Receiving, quantifying, and acting on customer feedback in a timely manner is a challenge many businesses are facing today—and failing miserably at. OK, maybe it’s time to worry.

What you need is something that can engage customers in a true two-way dialogue. Something that can quantify their responses and aggregate real-time and historical data into clear, actionable paths. If only such a thing existed…

Let us introduce you to the DMS Closed-Loop Feedback System™, or CLFS™ for short.

This proprietary, automated system ensures customer complaints, service or product issues, and both positive and negative feedback are not only reported—but addressed and resolved efficiently and effectively, thus creating the two-way dialogue that is crucial for engaging customers and reducing churn. The CLFS™ can also “bridge the gap” between your customers, your distributors/distribution channels and your organization. This extra layer ensures your customers have a voice regardless of how or where they purchase your product or service.

Most importantly, the CLFS™ turns consumer activity and feedback into actionable insight—the key knowledge that drives both programmatic and operational enhancements. We offer comprehensive integration with client systems for automated feedback delivery and resolution tracking, plus extensive reporting including:

  • Customer satisfaction trends across key experience areas
  • Benchmarking against customer experience
  • Customer hot topics/issues
  • Operational areas for improvement
  • What aspects have the greatest impact on customer experience & advocacy
  • Most and least vocal/responsive customer segments
  • Understanding of root causes of customer service problems & poor feedback

In addition, our CLFS™ Call Center module provides an interactive web portal—where customer feedback can be tailored, customized and delivered by response type, subject, area and more, so customer issues are immediately routed to the right department for rapid resolution. Key functions include At-Risk Flags, Escalation, Email Notifications, Activity Logs and Analytics and Behavior Indicators.

This powerful tool then feeds ongoing activity tracking and potential propensity modeling, so you can identify key factors that make customers sticky and profitable—information that optimizes your acquisition efforts and gives you insight into why you’re losing them before they ever become a “true” customer.

Remember…there is no genuine bond without a dialogue. There is no relevant experience without interaction.