What it is:

DirectDisplay™ is a revolutionary new marketing platform that enables healthcare companies to connect 1:1 with an online audience like never before, delivering banner ads directly to selected households— just like direct mail.

By matching a consumer’s household mailing address, through our proprietary system, to their household IP address, we can now pinpoint online customers for marketing just like you do with direct mail. The end result is full integration of your targeted audience 100% of the time offline and online.

This precise targeting solution enables healthcare marketers to deliver extraordinarily relevant display ads to every target, every time they go online, at the same time your direct mail arrives!

Why Healthcare Marketers Use it:

  • Delivers a relevant 1:1 message online, integrated with your direct mail to your targeted audience
  • Delivers access to 98% of American households and businesses through 90% of all websites
  • Provides precision targeting and extensive reach and ensures not a single impression is wasted
  • Ensures highest quality ad placements on a wide range of websites
  • Reduces wasted spend as this efficient model means the lowest possible rates generates greater click through by delivering ads personalized with greater relevancy
  • Bypasses cookie-based systems to ensure confirmed reach of actual internet users
  • Markets only to the target audience wherever they go on the web, avoiding wasted time, effort, and budget on people who are not targets
  • Cost effective delivery at 1/10th of the cost of direct mail
  • Returns higher conversion rates, more sales, and an incredibly positive return on their marketing Investment