It is a well known fact that 80% of leads generated from an event are never followed-up on. Still, most companies invest tens—or even hundreds—of thousands of dollars in events every year. If you’re not getting the return, or “bang,” for your event marketing buck, you need EventEdge™.

EventEdge™ is a revolutionary event optimization and lead tracking system designed to support all your event marketing needs across the entire planning spectrum—Pre-Event, At-Event and Post-Event.

This web portal is the ultimate sales support system, providing a centralized, online control center for all aspects of your direct sales reps and/or distribution channels.

Bottom line, EventEdge™ helps you manage and measure everything so that you can turn your events into profitable lead generation machines. Here are just a few of the ways organizations are using EventEdge™ today:

  • Effective lead management—lead capture, distribution, routing, tracking and backend analysis of ROI for your direct sales reps and/or other distribution channels with dashboard reporting and click-thru of detailed view of events
  • Distribution of sales support material—authorization, ordering, shipping and follow-up
  • Event planning—sales and channel partners can run their own targeted sales events, shows, hotel room events, etc. while tracking response rates and decreasing marketing expenses.
  • Event in a Box—Pre-packaged and custom event support materials including signage, lead-tracking, web landing sites, QR codes, social media interactions, Text/SMS, premium items, promotions, sweepstakes, at-event personnel and more!
  • Available in any language and custom or pre-packaged materials can be shipped and tracked worldwide

So if you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution to your event marketing needs, look no further. Call us today to learn more or get started putting EventEdge™ to work for you!